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Guide to Gardening September

September guide to gardening discuss Insects that start to show life now. All sorts of insects make their appearance, and there are always a few hungry cutworms and hairworms who lived through the winter and now in your garden. Use sprays as Malasol, KARBASPRAY 50 or Bexadust. Do not wait until the insects attacked and weakened your plants – keep them healthy from the start.

But what about your lawn? When you cut it for the first time, set the mower blade so that you cut only the points. The grass can be cut shorter later during this season.

To create interest in gardening with the children, buy each of them a brightly colored pot and a packet of mustard seed, and let them grow these plants themselves. You will be surprised to see with what interest they watch these plants.

Now is the season in which year plants needs a little attention. They grow well and the young shoots are now already above the ground and you can with ease work between the plants without any fear of harming them.

The soil should be slightly detached and a little mulch or compost must be added and a little more recordable fertilizer such as bone meal. The roots will benefit from this when applied about the time when plants beginning to flower.

Give your lawn spring treatment. For this you need a sturdy rake with sharp teeth. Rake the lawn now as thoroughly as possible, first right, then cross and then diagonal until you racked out all the dead grass. This waste can straight go to the compost heap. You will be surprised how much of even the smallest piece of grass will rake.

Early spring is a good time to transplant plants. Their roots become active again after winter and settle soon after transplanting.

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